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Linssen Yachts Variotop®

The Linssen Yachts Variotop® is a folding cabrio roof that covers the wheelhouse ensuring that it is completely watertight and insulated thanks to ingenious locking and sealing systems.

KesselsGranger DesignWorks designed a logo which embodies the shape and dynamics of the system, increasing the connection between the brandname and the product.

KesselsGranger DesignWorks

KesselsGranger DesignWorks is an internationally oriented design studio, founded by the designers Steven Kessels and James Granger. We deliver our services to a broad scale of clients, ranging from starting entrepreneurs to fully established organisations. Our portfolio covers the following services: Product Design (the design / styling of new products, the redesign of existing products and makeovers), Graphic Design (graphic styling and design of visualisations) and Design Thinking (brainstorm sessions, workshops, vision development).

Our location

C-mine 12, Studio B.03
3600 Genk